Nuheara earbuds can
assist in offering relief
from tinnitus symptoms.

Nuheara earbuds can assist in offering relief from tinnitus symptoms.

Calm the Symptoms of Tinnitus

When a person has tinnitus, it means that he or she perceives a ringing noise in the ears. This problem impacts approximately 15 to 20 percent of people across the world. However, the term tinnitus doesn’t refer to an actual medical disorder. It’s a symptom of another problem such as age-related hearing changes, a disorder of the circulatory system, or an injury to one or both ears.

The good news is that a variety of treatments and innovative devices such as IQbuds² MAX may help largely mitigate many of the symptoms of Tinnitus.

Common Symptoms of Tinnitus
The sounds that people with tinnitus hear occur due to internal rather than external stimuli. Often referred to as phantom noises, people with this condition typically use the following words to describe the sounds it causes them to hear:

  • Buzzing
  • Clicking
  • Hissing
  • Humming
  • Ringing
  • Roaring

Phantom noises can range from a very low sound to a high-pitched screeching sound. It can affect one or both ears. In severe cases, the internal noise produced by tinnitus can make it impossible for the person to concentrate or hear other legitimate external sounds. Some people live with tinnitus continually while others experience it only occasionally.

Common Causes of Tinnitus
For most people with tinnitus, the cause is one of the following:

  • Age-related hearing loss: It’s much more common for people over age 60 to experience this problem than younger people. When hearing loss causes tinnitus, doctors refer to it as presbycusis.
  • Changes to ear bones: Abnormal ear bone growth can lead to a condition called otosclerosis that causes hearing loss and/or tinnitus.
  • Earwax build-up: Although some earwax is necessary to protect the eardrums from dirt and bacteria, too much can irritate the eardrum, cause hearing loss, or cause tinnitus.
  • Loud noise exposure: Firearms, chainsaws, and factory equipment are just some examples of extremely loud noises that can cause noise-related hearing loss. It can also lead to short-term or permanent tinnitus.

Tinnitus also has the following less-common causes:

  • Acoustic neuroma (non-malignant tumor)
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Head or neck injuries
  • Inner ear muscle spasms
  • Meniere’s disease
  • TMJ disorders
Objective vs. Subjective Tinnitus
When a doctor suspects tinnitus, he or she will complete an examination and diagnose one of two types. The first is objective tinnitus, which means that the doctor can hear it during the exam. This is rare. The primary causes of objective tinnitus include muscle contractions in the ear, a condition with the middle ear bone, or a problem with a blood vessel.

With subjective tinnitus, no one else can hear the sounds except for the person who has the condition. It is far more common than the objective type. Problems with the inner, middle, or outer ear lead to the symptoms associated with subjective tinnitus. Hearing loss caused by issues with the auditory nerves or pathways can also cause this problem.

Positive customer experiences.


I am Buying Another Set Today

These IQbuds have changed my life. No word of a lie I am buying more today. My husband suffers with severe tinnitus and has for 12 years. Over the years it has got to unbearable stage. Once we got these buds calibrated to his hearing, his tinnitus went from a loudness of 9 to 2-3. We no longer have the TV blaring, and when we go out to eat in a busy restaurant he can hear every conversation. Interestingly, sometimes when we sit in a quiet place he can for the first time only hear silence which is the first time in years. They are way better than hearing aids which he stopped using because they no longer helped. Don’t hesitate. These buds are all that you need and so much more.

Great sound and hearing support

I am afflicted with tinnitus and use high-end hearing aids (Signia) that cost 15 times the price of these IQbuds2 MAX. These new buds give the hearing aids a run for their money on hearing support and have a huge bonus as buds with ANC for music and telephony, with the fidelity for music over bluetooth being very good. The ANC is excellent. It’s hard to provide a full comparison as my hearing aids are open backed providing most of the sound as ambient rather than amplified, but the high frequency boost from the personalization app seems to match what my audiologist programmed into my Signias. My only criticism is that the bass response is a bit overblown, particularly with ANC engaged.
Matthew Z.

So much better than I expected!

The “peace and quiet” I get with these is awesome. I have been experimenting with the different modes to see how they work, and I am very impressed overall. The IQbuds2 MAX definitely help with my Tinnitus mitigation as well. On a whim, I decided to listen to some music and am blown away about the spectacular sound these things replicate – akin to some high-end headphones that I have. What an added bonus! I have an auditory processing disorder, and these help me speak at the correct volume, as well as allow me to hear people over things like fans and other background noise. So now my wife no longer thinks I am yelling at her when the oven fan is on!
Adam K.

Alleviate Tinnitus Symptoms

I am lucky to not have any loss of hearing, but this means treatment here in the UK on the NHS is limited. Tinnitus relievers are usually only provided if you have a loss of hearing. I did some research and found the IQbuds and try to wear them as long as possible and I have noticed that my tinnitus is less noticeable. I think because I have near perfect hearing, I hear a slit hiss when in “World Mode”, like white noise and this alone helps. Then there are apps you can add from the Apple App Store to better the experience. I love them.
James L.

Tinnitus Relief

I have hearing tests done and everything is fine, but I was trying to find a solution to help with a bad tinnitus condition. I tested hearing aids but for the very expensive price tag, they didn’t seem worth the money. After doing more research I luckily came across Nuheara! They do exactly the same as what the hearing aids offered me for a fraction of the price. I can change settings to help reduce tinnitus levels and to be able to focus on conversations in busy environments. And with the bonus of being able to play music and video sounds through them and take phone calls. A win win!
Daniel B.

Sound Therapy & More for Tinnitus Relief

Also known as acoustic therapy, sound therapy for tinnitus involves creating quiet background noise and downloading it to a portable device or placing it on a nightstand. While it won’t make tinnitus disappear, it can make it less challenging to cope with on a daily basis. With IQbuds² MAX, users can use sound therapy apps on the go and adjust or blend the volume with noise from the outside world.
More on Sound Therapy
The idea behind sound therapy is to desensitize the tinnitus sufferer to internal noises by focusing instead on the more pleasant external noises. Frequently listening to soft background music can retrain the brain to change its patterns regarding what it takes in and what it ignores. According to WebMD, background noise can be helpful for several reasons:

  • Masking can help cover up some of the sound in your ears.
  • Distraction can take your attention off the sound.
  • Habituation is the idea that hearing the noise consistently can lead your brain to treat tinnitus as a less important sound that should be ignored.
  • Neuromodulation is based on the theory that tinnitus may be caused by too much activity in certain parts of your brain. So background noise could help change the patterns that cause the activity
Hearing Protection and Clean Ears
Protecting hearing by limiting exposure to loud noise and wearing earplugs when necessary is essential for people already diagnosed with tinnitus. It can also help prevent those who don’t have the condition from developing it.

Removing earwax regularly is also important. However, using Q-tips can potentially push earwax even further down the ear canal. It’s better to use drops made specially to break up earwax and naturally let it flow out of the ear.

Yoga, Meditation and Support

Yoga, meditation, and distracting oneself with pleasant music can also help to reduce the unpleasant effects of tinnitus. While this condition can make people feel alone, the fact that it affects nearly one in five people means that those with tinnitus can find plenty of support if desired.

Online forums such as Tinnitus Talk enable individuals to connect with other Tinnitus sufferers from around the world to share ideas and offer support.

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Relief from isolation and haunting ringing


Ana has been dealing with hearing challenges related to Meniere’s Disease and tinnitus for a long time, negatively impacting her life in many ways. Discover how IQbuds have offered relief from many of her symptoms.


Nuheara is
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Although we started our journey at Nuheara focused on helping people with hearing challenges we found that in some instances IQbuds has helped people with tinnitus to find relief from their symptoms.

Nuheara is pleased that its innovative hearing technology is helping improve the lives of people with tinnitus and other hearing challenges.

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